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Cat Behaviour

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"Cat behaviour is my passion. I am proud to be one of only three Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists in the UK who have chosen to specialise in feline behaviour. I love to meet and help cats owners with their cats, study cats, and write about cats."

Cats are loved and respected for their reputation of independence, which makes the gift of their affection so endearing.  But it also means their behaviour problems and how to solve them can be baffling and upsetting.  This is where I can help.

Some of the problems I help resolve are:

House soiling (peeing or pooing outside the litter tray)

Fighting between cats in the home

Biting or scratching family members

Unwanted scratching in the home e.g. of furniture


Age-related changes e.g. in older cats

 What happens in a cat behaviour consultation?

In a behaviour consultation I explore the nature of the problem in depth. I review your cat's Clinical History from your Vet and have a detailed discussion with you and your family about your cat's behaviour and all the contexts in which problems occur. I might also ask for videos of your cat's behaviour. I assess the original cause, identify how the problem is maintained, and create a tailor-made plan for change, based on yours and your cat's needs. The plan typically involves environmental changes to help your cat (or cats) feel safe and secure and changes to your cat's lifestyle that reinforce their sense of agency, choice and control. For some cats, we can also do some training (cats are surprisingly trainable!)

All behaviour cases are taken on approval from your vet.

Cat behaviour - booking and pricing

A full behaviour package £299 includes:

  • Review of clinical history and referral from your Vet

  • 1.5-hour consultation, face-to-face, or virtual

  • Written summary of assessment and treatment plan.

  • Vet summary

  • 12 weeks' remote support

Additional follow-up sessions can be booked at £60 an hour. 

I am happy to work with cats anywhere in the UK or abroad, using virtual meetings, or face-to -face, subject to travel arrangements. 

Please check your insurance policy and speak to your insurer for pre-authorisation of insurance claims.

To make a no-obligation booking enquiry, please click on the button below to complete a brief enquiry form.

I will respond to your enquiry by email with further details.

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