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Puppy Classes Start September 2021!

Saturdays at 11am

St. Sebastians Memorial Hall

Nine Mile Ride

Wokingham RG40 3BA


You will learn:

How to read your puppy's body language

How to socialise your pup

How to use reinforcement to train

How to get more of the behaviours you want

How to get fewer of the behaviours you don't want

How to get behaviours on cue


Your puppy will learn:

To sit, down, and stay

To come when called

To walk nicely on lead

To greet politely

To settle on a mat

Manners around food

Mine! and Yours!

To touch a target

The life-skills your puppy will take away:

To be calm

To know the rules

To have confidence

To listen and pay attention

To have self-control

To know how to make the right choices


Download the flier here

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