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Cat Behaviour 

Every case is as individual as our pets. Here are some examples of the kind of problems that I can help with. 

Peeing or pooing in the house

Toileting outside the litter-box is one of the most common and unpleasant problems for which owners seek help, especially in multi-cat households. With the correct advice, this is a behaviour that can be vastly improved. Understanding the underlying causes is key to success.

Biting and scratching people

Aggressive cats can be hard to live with. Cat bites and scratches are not just painful, they are upsetting. They also pose a risk of nasty infection. I can help you address these behaviours and make life happier for both you and your cat.

Cat fighting

It's not uncommon for two or more cats in a household to have an antagonistic relationship, which can affect both their well-being and their health.  However, the signs are not always  obvious. I can help you identify and address the problems,  enabling your cats to live more harmoniously together .

Clawing and scratching the furniture

Living with a cat does not mean your sofa has to be shredded and you carpets scratched to the threads! Get in touch for help.

Age-related problems

Just like us, our cats' needs change as they become older. Changes in their sleep pattern, appetite, sociability, or even signs of confusion may mean your cat is dealing with some age-related decline. The right behavioural advice can help maintain their positive welfare and help them get the best out of life in their later years.


Over-grooming, leading to bald patches or painful lesions is a sign of an underlying problem that requires either medical or behavioural intervention, often both. Please get in touch, to ensure your cat's welfare is protected.

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